Collagen and 6 Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the most copious protein found in our body. All connective tissues, including bone, skin, muscles, and tendons, employ it as a building block.

We are often worried about ageing. We might loose that glow and charm on our face. But, collagen is something that can solve your complication. It has phenomenal anti-ageing properties and binds our cell together. This is extremely beneficial to your skin because it provides the supportive framework that keeps it firm and soft. Skin begins to droop without it, resulting in looseness and wrinkles.

It is produced by your body, but it peaks in your mid-20s when you stop growing. It’s production decreases as you age, which is why we link indicators of decreasing collagen production with age. So, It is essential to have collagen supplements as it reduces

Benefits of Collagen Supplements:-

  • It provides structure to your skin and strengthen your bones.
  • Consumption of it may have a number of health benefits, ranging from joint pain relief to improved skin health.
  • Bone mass deteriorates as you age, just like collagen in your body. This could lead to disorders like osteoporosis, which is marked by reduced bone density and is associated to an increased risk of bone fractures. Hence, taking collagen supplements will keep your bones strong.
  • This aids to boost muscle mass that we tend to loose with age.
  • It may aid in the prevention of heart disease.
  • Some people feel that consuming collagen supplements can help them lose weight and speed up their metabolism.


Collagen supplements are created by extracting it from cow, fish, and chicken connective tissues. These supplements come in powder and capsule form, and they can also be mixed into foods like protein bars. These supplements have long been thought of as a way to improve and maintain skin health, as well as musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, and other bodily functions.

Foods rich in collagen:-

  • Sources of type 1

The supportive matrix for skin, bones, and blood vessel walls is made up of this form of collagen. It’s also the type of collagen present in scar tissue, and studies show it’s important for wound healing and blood clotting. Sources of it are:-

Collagen supplements
  1. Egg
  2. Fish
  3. Beef
  • Sources of type 2
collagen supplements

Because Type II is found in cartilage, it is critical for joint health. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms can be reduced or even eliminated by taking this form of collagen as a supplement. Foods rich in this type are:-

  1. Chicken , especially chicken breast
  2. Eggs
  • Sources of type 3

Type III is required for the formation of blood platelets, and a lack of it has been related to aneurysms of various types. Taking a supplement containing type III can improve body composition and muscle strength, in addition to improving blood health. Main sources of this type are:-

  1. Beef
  2. Fish

Though there are 16 types of this protein found in our body. But the above are the most important of it that our body produces.

Relationship between Glycine and collagen:-

In the human diet, it is the single most important source of glycine. Glycine is a fascinating amino acid to study. In the human diet, it is the single most important source of glycine. Glycine is a fascinating amino acid to study. Because this protein is around 1/3 glycine, a 12 grams serving of collagen—roughly a heaping scoop of collagen peptides—will suffice to make up the difference.

Therefore, collagen supplements can help with skin health by minimising wrinkles and dryness. They may also aid in the growth of muscle mass, the prevention of bone loss, and the relief of joint pain.

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