About Us

About Us


We aim towards a better tomorrow through a symbiotic relationship between our skills and profound knowledge of fitness to your health.


Established in 2019, Fit Gym Life brings you the best of investment through the finest gym equipment and fitness-related product at the most reasonable price with the best offers. Our products deal with the most promising and valued brands, which include Cosco, Viva Fitness, X Degree, Let’s Play, Physique, Bodyline, along with a Wellness and Nutrition Category, which includes brands like Muscle Blaze, Healthfit, GNC.

Why go to the gym when you can owe a gym? Yes! You can owe a gym, with just one click!

We acknowledge the motto of “modern problems require a modern solution” hence, an innovative aspect to prioritize your health most minimally and easily, we bring your fitness ambiance to your doorstep by our concept of Home Gym – along with providing fitness products and equipment, our motive is to create a genuine aid to enhance health, keeping the time constraint at large, we provide customization to set up the gym according to your requirement, like your favorite attire for your great day.

We also provide a panel to establish your revenue through an installment of a commercial gym, which comes along with unlimited offers and customization with your need for your endeavor.

Waste no more of your time in delaying and fail no more by lacking mental ambiance at your home, be a part of our family Fit Gym Life by your permanent investment in your health.

Our Mission

We believe and work for a healthier tomorrow through our idea of “fit you” by providing the best variety of fitness and gym kits according to your specific need at the lowest and quickest delivery. Your fitness challenge is our challenge.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the guiding light of your fitness regime in the most accessible way.

Our Values

We as a community strive to be an asset and a valuable resource to our clients and give our best to deliver the best of our knowledge of fitness.

Your whole existence is based on your physical presence, this hits a bell on the importance of living a fit life because a fit holds a future for you.

The condition of being physically fit and healthy comes with the following benefits:

  • Increase your life expectancy
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Save money
  • Improves quality of life
  • Improves health
  • Stay active

Keeping all these crucial points, we as a team – Fit Gym Lifeworks up to bring the realization of fitness as a need, which is losing its vitality due to factors that major population being busy and living a time constraining lifestyle.

With our website launch for gym kits and fitness products we deliver and maintain the following core values:

Customer relation

Our delivery is not just low cost and quick delivery but also to create a relation between the client and us. We don’t limit or end our relation by just selling a product, we are available for all the queries and recommendations, keeping the idea of customer-centric and personal attachment as teamwork at large.


We tend to maintain integrity with our supply of in-house products and ensure 100% genuine product delivery, the efficiency is increased by inventing the simplified standards of experiences by your trust in us.

Easy Access 

Understanding the importance of fitness, we put our effort to deliver ” your needs” at the most cost-efficient range and our product delivery is done at your doorstep to make it easily accessible without any hesitation at any given location – no matter what a load of the product may be.

The Team

Subhash Kumar

Founder & Director


CEO and Project Head

Neeraj Kumar Mishra

Legal & CA

Nishu Priya